This is such a precious moment in time.  You’ve waited so long to meet your baby, daydreaming of what they would look like, how their sweet little baby noises might sound, and how fulfilling snuggling your precious newborn would be.  Do you talk with your baby in the quiet moments?  Perhaps you’ve smiled with each set of tiny hiccups in your belly, and pondered just what is going on in there with all of that movement.   Or, perhaps there is no question that it is a foot that is jammed in between your ribs and you just wish your sweet little one would find a new position already!  Whatever the case may be, there is no question that your newborn baby will only be a newborn for so long, and their tiny little nose, fingers and toes will seem to grow and change before your eyes.  Coming from a father of two, I truly believe that newborn photography is one of the most important sessions a family could ever book.  Our lives move along, and our babies grow up way too quickly.  There is no time though, that can ever compare to those first days and weeks with your new baby, and beautifully crafted, professional photographs that truly capture your family, your baby and all of their adorable little features will be treasured in the present, and will only grow in value over the years.

Let me come to you so we can shoot in the comfort of your home.  We will work at your baby’s pace, giving him or her the time he or she needs to feed and snuggle so we will have a happy baby, and a relaxed, laid back and fun session, which is the best way to capture the photographs you want.  As you’ll see, my photographs focus on what matters most, your baby, and you and your family’s love for, and bond with him or her. 

Session fee is $250

Digital files and printed products are ordered separately, after your session, at your in-home ordering consultation.

Please give me a call to book your session, or for more information!


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